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Calderón Cerame announces candidacy for PDP governing board

Manuel Calderón Cerame


Manuel Calderón Cerame, the spokesman for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) in the San Juan Municipal Assembly, announced on Sunday his candidacy to represent San Juan on the PDP governing board, with three specific principles that will guide him representing all San Juan residents on the board: renewal, work and hope.

“My party needs a renewal of styles and purposes, in order to offer ourselves as a reliable alternative for San Juan and all of Puerto Rico,” Calderón Cerame said. “It is urgent to carry out the work of reorganizing what is disorganized and modernizing what is obsolete, in order to position the Popular Party favorably for 2024. And also, it is time to sow seeds of hope in our institution, in order to inspire and excite not only the hundreds of thousands of ‘popular’ people who militate and love this party, but the other hundreds of thousands who today do not believe in any political party or who voted in the last elections for other options that have disappointed them.”

During a press conference at PDP headquarters in Puerta de Tierra, where he was joined by several grassroots leaders from various parts of San Juan, the Precinct 4 president expressed his desire that the party recover its majority in the island capital.

“For the past year I have been the spokesman of the PDP in San Juan, and I have been doing the work of inspection and presentation of proposals so that we have a San Juan with more security, organized communities, common spaces in good condition and quality of life for our older adults,” Calderón Cerame said. “That is, I have shown that the firsthand work can be done [for the PDP] to become again an option for all San Juan residents.”

The municipal legislator also sent a message to all those who are making themselves available to preside over the PDP in the face of an election on May 7.

“All those who have announced their intention to preside over this party are my friends; I know them all and they have my respect, and that is why I tell you, that without San Juan there is no Puerto Rico,” he said. “The numbers and analyses tell us that it is essential to do the electoral and political work in the capital to ensure that the Popular Party can win the [general] election.”

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