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‘Campers’ reported exiting from disputed Jobos Bay protected area

Several trucks mounted with campers are seen in a video reportedly shot near a protected zone on Jobos Bay in Salinas.

By The Star Staff

Eliezer Molina, a former Puerto Rican Independence Party candidate for governor, said on his social networks Wednesday that several “campers” that had been set up in a protected area on Jobos Bay in Salinas had been removed from the area.

According to a short video posted on social media, which he titled “Run and run in Salinas,” Molina said: “They are taking the trailers out of the invaded zone in the mangroves of Las Mareas.”

The video shows several trucks mounted with campers in transit on a roadway.

In the natural reserve, mangroves were destroyed, wetlands were filled in and water and electricity services were installed clandestinely, environmental proponents have pointed out. The complaint was recently revealed by Citizen Victory Movement Rep. Mariana Nogales Molinelli.

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