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Candidate for PDP presidency meets with working team

Candidate for the presidency of the Popular Democratic Party Jesús Manuel Ortiz

By John McPhaul

The candidate for the presidency of the Popular Democratic Party, Jesús Manuel Ortiz, gathered his working team from all over the Island on Saturday, ahead of the primary for the presidency next Sunday, May 7.

“A untied work team with a north is the basis of every campaign and every contest. Today we wanted to bring them together, offer them relevant information and make them an important part of this race. In this primary for the presidency, we all run as one team,” he said.

In addition, from the working groups around the island, the also at-large representative was accompanied by several of the legislators who support him and who represent what the candidate has defined as the new force within the party.

“Having here today, with the support of some of my fellow representatives Sol Higgins, Estrella Martínez, Deborah Soto and Héctor Ferrer, represents an important moment, because we are part of that generation committed to our party in whom is the responsibility of continuing the legacy of the PDP,” he added, while thanking legislators Aníbal Díaz. José “Cheito” Rivera, Héctor Ferrer, Ramón Luis Cruz, Jorge Alfredo Rivera, Domingo Torres, Angel “Tito” Fourquet, Eladio “Layito” Cardona and Jessie Cortés, the support and commitment.

During the event, held in an activity room in Gurabo, Ortiz González also thanked the mayor of Aguada and campaign director, Christian Cortés for having taken on the challenge of leading a campaign as intense and short as this one. Likewise, he thanked Karla Angleró and Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz for their work on the electoral issue.

“Having our work team ready, having the unconditional support of our legislators and the unwavering commitment of our people in each of the municipalities without a doubt, is the perfect recipe that will give us victory on May 7,” he concluded.

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