Caribbean Astronomy Society captures images of Space Station

By John McPhaul

The Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC by its Spanish acronym) on Thursday shared telescope images of the International Space Station during its passage over Puerto Rico.

“Being able to observe or photograph a moving object while using magnification or optical aid is not easy, especially when the object is traveling at 17,500 miles per hour,” the SAC said in a written statement.

Although to the naked eye it looks like a bright moving star, Raymond Negrón, one of the SAC astrophotographers, managed to “chase” the movement of the space laboratory with a telescope, obtaining very good images in which various details are visible, including the solar panels and other structures on the space platform.

The educational group had highlighted in its social networks that Tuesday’s sighting would be an excellent one, because the trajectory of the Space Station was located just east of Puerto Rico, so that it would be reflecting sunlight optimally, and causing it to look extremely bright.

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