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Carmen Maldonado lays out ‘Popular Evolution’ agenda

Morovis Mayor Carmen Maldonado González, at lectern


Popular Democratic Party (PDP) vice president, Morovis mayor and gubernatorial candidate Carmen Maldonado González presented her “Popular Evolution” concept Wednesday at PDP headquarters, in which she summarized five proposals that define her thinking as she seeks to gain the party presidency.

“As part of the proposals I present to the members of the Popular Democratic Party to be elected as President of this honorable and important institution, I have developed five key principles of what I have called the ‘Popular Evolution,’” she said. “Such principles are: Governance, Transparency, Education, Inclusion and Ethics.”

Maldonado added that Popular Evolution “will entail an indispensable process of metamorphosis en route to developing, renewing and transforming processes within the party. We all know that Puerto Rico cannot continue with government chaos the way it has been happening from 2017 to the present. Popular Evolution will bring solutions to improve the quality of life of all of us who live in our beloved country.”

The five topics are as follows:

Governance: “... Popular Evolution will ensure that the political relations of all Puerto Ricans include the power to consciously evaluate all decisions on public affairs in order to make appropriate decisions and execute them,” Maldonado said.

Transparency: “It is up to us to implement as voters a government of integrity by going to the polls and voting against everyone who has participated and promoted this corruption that has engulfed the government in the past four-year period and the current four-year period,” the Morovis mayor said.

Education: “Undoubtedly, education is the primary basis from which to address issues of health, safety, art, culture, sports, technology and many more,” Maldonado said. “So that as an institution we can achieve our mission, the political and electoral education of the people, so that everyone can know the processes, is vital. I have no doubt that empowered, and with the right data, we are on our way to victory.”

Inclusion: “As President of the PDP, I will promote under my administration a clear policy of equal possibilities and opportunities, without relegating anyone because of their convictions, characteristics, disabilities, culture or any other reason that invades the freedom of each citizen. Respect and consideration is always the first golden rule …”

Ethics: “We must stand out for being a party that radiates sincerity, empathy, self-love and love of neighbor,” Maldonado said. “That there are times when we will have to exercise patience, sit down and listen carefully to the pain and suffering that many of our fellow citizens carry stored within their being. … Not always can we think that we are right in everything and that within the euphoria that we have for wanting to help with our ideas, many times it is good to be humble, listen to others and give them the opportunity to execute their ideas …”

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