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Castro earns his 2nd Double A MVP award in 3 years

Rubén Castro finished the Double A season with a league-high .465 batting average, along with the most hits with 33, the highest on-base percentage at .576, and a league-best slugging percentage of .775. (José Espinal)

By The Star Staff

The star catcher and first baseman of the Azucareros de Yabucoa, Rubén Castro, has been elected Most Valuable Player of the 2024 season of the Double A Superior Baseball League, with the overwhelming support of the journalists and sports commentators who participated in the vote coordinated by the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation.

Castro obtained 42 votes, followed by Luis Mateo (Camuy) with 11 votes, Ian Laureano (Florida) with 6 votes, Jeffry Roldán (Aguada) with 5 votes, Yadiel Rivera (Maunabo) with 3 votes and Félix Ponce (Cabo Rojo) with 3 votes. Nelson Molina (Cayey) received one vote and one voter chose the option of none.

“It is a source of pride, in three years in the league, twice the Most Valuable Player and batting champion,” said Castro, 27. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve dedicated a lot of time to this, with my training and my physical fitness. I practice a lot on the field.”

Castro earned the first of his two MVP and batting awards in his debut campaign in 2022, in which he was also named Rookie of the Year. This season, he recorded the highest batting average in Double A at .465. He also accumulated the most hits with 33, was the player with the highest on-base percentage with .576, and had the best slugging average with .775. His offensive and defensive work were key to leading the Azucareros to first place in the Southeast division with a 13-7 record.

“I thank all the people who have contributed their bit to this achievement. I am extremely grateful,” he said. “Thanks to the staff of the Yabucoa team, to the Azucarero fans, to my teammates, who without them this cannot happen, and to my family, to whom I dedicate this award and who have been with me through good times and bad.”

Last 10 Most Valuable Player award winners:

2014 – Joiset Feliciano, Peñuelas; 2015 – Jaime Ortiz, Cidra; 2016 – Randy Ruiz, Gurabo; 2017 – Francisco Ati Cruz, Cidra;

2018 – Rikchy Borrero, Mayagüez; 2019 – Francisco Tirado, Florida; 2021 – Joiset Feliciano, Peñuelas; 2022 – Rubén Castro, Yabucoa; 2023 – Kevin Luciano, Cayey; 2024 – Rubén Castro, Yabucoa.

NBA Finals


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Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics,

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