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Cataño mayor Delgado resigns

Félix Delgado’s.

By The Star Staff

Félix “El Cano” Delgado confirmed on Tuesday his resignation as mayor of Cataño, and apologized to the residents of the municipality.

According to press reports, Delgado was under investigation by and is cooperating with federal law enforcement authorities.

“Cataño a thousand apologies, for all this bad time. Thank you for the privilege you gave me to be your mayor for five years and forgive me for not being able to meet all of your expectations,” Delgado said in a written statement through his social networks. “Every day of my life I will try to be a better person to help those in need. To all those who in some way I offended, a thousand apologies. Many times power blinds and I’m sure it happened to me.”

“To my family, thank you for being the support and giving me the strength to continue life and make me understand that life is not a position but family and true friends, to you too my apologies, I love you with all my soul and I will work all the days to give back all the time that is taken away. Thanks again, Cataño,” he said.

At press time, the Municipal Legislature of Cataño was holding an extraordinary session where they are preparing to pass judgment on the consideration of the appointment of Gabriel Sicardó Ocasio as deputy mayor of Cataño. Sicardó Ocasio serves as secretary of public affairs.

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