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CCPA to present latest food industry survey on Friday

Edmy A. Rivera Colón, presidenta del Colegio de Contadores Públicos Autorizados de Puerto Rico (CCPA)

By The Star Staff

The Certified Public Accountants Association of Puerto Rico (CCPA by its Spanish initials) will present a survey of the food industry in Puerto Rico on Friday, March 1, through the forum “Portrait of the Food Industry -- Supermarkets Edition,” at the institution’s headquarters in Hato Rey.

In the forum, key elements for the operation of the industry will be analyzed and presented, the execution of which affects all aspects of the economy and the lives of Puerto Rico residents. The elements include metrics; financial affairs; inventory movement; gross profit; cyber security and insurance; employee recruitment, retention and development; inventory management; and the updating of labor laws, among others.

CCPA President Edmy A. Rivera Colón highlighted the importance of the survey for the food, economic and fiscal sector, as well as for citizens in general.

“We must remember that as an island, very few of the basic foodstuffs consumed by Puerto Ricans are produced locally, and a large part is imported, which increases not only prices, but also operating costs,” she said. “Through this survey we present a complete overview of the market and also productive solutions to strengthen the industry, as well as benefit the consumer.”

Rivera Colón extended an invitation to the public to participate in the event.

Guest speakers and instructors will include CPA Eduardo González-Green, a partner at Aquino, De Córdova & Alfaro; attorney Carlos R. Paula, chief executive of Labor Consultants; Yamil Gautier, information systems manager at Aquino, De Córdova & Alfaro; Luis Jiménez, category manager, Coca Cola PR Bottlers; Francisco Cabrero Ojeda, vice president, PMR; and and Irvin Rivera Sánchez, leader of JEMSA Consultant.

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