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Certified public accountants to hold industry symposium

Certified Public Accountants Association President Oscar Cullen Ramos

By John McPhaul

The Certified Public Accountants Association (CCPA by its Spanish initials) of Puerto Rico will virtually hold the first Symposium on the Manufacturing Industry in Puerto Rico this Thursday.

On Friday, the CCPA will also offer a forum on fraud and cybersecurity.

CCPA President Oscar Cullen Ramos said the manufacturing industry symposium will discuss aspects of current federal and international legislation and the potential for legislation at the local level.

“It is time for us to evaluate the challenges and opportunities that are being presented to local companies, both established and emerging, in the historical situation in which we find ourselves,” said Cullen Ramos, noting that legislation related to manufacturing in Puerto Rico, particularly federal, has been substantial and significant in recent years.

The CPA also noted that in the fraud and cybersecurity forum, experts will speak about their experience with respect to topics such as trust in third parties and how to avoid being a victim of crime, among other challenges.

“Facing the new year 2022, we must reinforce cybersecurity knowledge and strategies in the face of the new challenges that technology brings,” the CCPA president said. “We must continue training on the subject, so this forum is a valuable tool to raise awareness and learn about the impact that cyber crimes have on the daily operations of a company, an individual and on planning and finances in general.”

Both sessions will be held through the ZOOM platform, beginning at 9 a.m. For more information, the CCPA portal is, or call 787-622-0900.

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