CESCO phone line now available for those without internet connection

By John McPhaul

Transportation and Public Works (DTOP by its Spanish acronym) Secretary Carlos M. Contreras Aponte announced Sunday that a telephone line is now available so that people who do not have access to the internet or the CESCO Digital application can call and make an appointment for any transaction at one of the 14 Driver Services Centers (CESCOs by the Spanish acronym) on the island.

“Although hundreds of thousands of people have already been able to renew their licenses and conduct countless additional transactions without the need to wait in line at a CESCO, since they were able to make their appointments easily and securely from the mobile phone application, CESCO Digital, or from the website, we recognize that some citizens do not have access to or have not mastered these technological platforms,” Contreras Aponte said in a written statement. “For this reason, we are making available to these citizens a telephone line through which they will be oriented and given an appointment, according to availability of spaces, for the day, time and CESCO that suits them best.”

The number 939-545-3708 is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The DTOP secretary also announced that since the new CESCO 2.0 was released, with the CESCO Citas system, last July, hundreds of thousands of citizens have been able to carry out their transactions at CESCO in a faster, safer and zero-queue environment.

“In just five months, hundreds of thousands of people have managed to renew their official DTOP licenses and identifications, as well as carry out other transactions at CESCO without waiting in line, without crowds that constitute a threat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in an average time of less than 15 minutes, something that a year ago was unimaginable,” Contreras Aponte said. “Those citizens who have access and have mastered both the internet and the CESCO Digital application should continue to use these platforms to make their appointments, and leave the telephone line for those who do not have access or have not mastered [digital access]. In this way, we ensure that the lines are not oversaturated and that we can serve more citizens.”

“There are many benefits for the nearly one million citizens who have already downloaded the CESCO Digital application on their cell phone,” the DTOP chief added. “They not only have their virtual license, unique in the jurisdiction of the United States and valid for all official transactions in Puerto Rico. An extraordinary percent can already digitally renew their license or identification from the application itself, among other functionalities that make their life easier and safer, but very soon they will be able to transfer motor vehicles without having to go physically to a CESCO or a Treasury Department collection office.”

Through the CESCO Digital application, available for free in the Apple AppStore and Google Play for iPhone and Android, the following can already be accomplished:

* Access and always have the Virtual License available. Puerto Rico is the first and only jurisdiction in the United States to have this license.

* Renew your driver’s license and official DTOP IDs from the comfort of your cell phone.

* Obtain your driver record instantly and for free.

* Make an appointment to visit one of the 14 CESCOs around the island.

* View and download notifications (licenses) of motor vehicles registered in your name.

* View and download the certification of fines.

* Pay traffic fines without having to go to the bank or a Treasury Department collection office and have them erased instantly.

* Receive notifications of amnesties and programs that impact drivers and vehicle owners.

* Receive notifications of expiration dates for licenses and tags.

* Access the list of CESCOs with their schedules and locations with geo coordinates for GPS use.

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