CFSE creates merit system for low workplace accident rates

By John McPhaul

State Insurance Fund Corp. (CFSE by its Spanish initials) Administrator Jesús M. Rodríguez Rosa said Sunday that the public corporation is working on the merit system for insured employers who register low or no incidence in cases of work accidents, so that in this way the calculation related to the payment of the premium is a more accurate and beneficial one for the employers.

“The public policy of the administration of our governor, Pedro R. Pierluisi, is to identify and work on every opportunity that results in relief to the people,” Rodríguez Rosa said.

“Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the employer merit system, a platform through which employers can pay less money in their premiums to the extent that they register a drop or no incidence in cases of workplace accidents. This is to encourage the employer to take greater safety measures in the occupational area.”

“Reducing accidents at work is the north star of this public corporation,” the CFSE chief added. “It is for this reason that we believe it important to provide incentive mechanisms to employers that reflect compliance with that public policy. We are always reviewing and identifying tools to compensate those employers whose occupational safety practices reflect lower incidence of accidents. This is done to compensate employers who have invested in ensuring a safe work environment for their workers.”

Rodríguez Rosa also highlighted the actions that the CFSE has taken to strengthen the medical and insurance area, as well as new programs for direct assistance to injured workers.

Occupational safety is defined as a multidisciplinary science that aims to evaluate the conditions of workers in the workplace in order to take measures that minimize the risks of any accident or illness as a result of the tasks entrusted.

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