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Charges filed against man who shot his partner in the face

The events occurred the day after Christmas at the couple’s residence in Utuado.

By The Star Staff

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández said Tuesday that the Utuado Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Javier Bermúdez López for allegedly shooting his partner in the face in the presence of their three-month-old daughter.

Emanuelli Hernández said the process was initiated to provide the victim with the help available through the Justice Department’s Office of Compensation and Services for Victims and Witnesses of Crime.

“She will have all the services and help available,” he said in a written statement. “In addition to prosecuting the aggressor, the Department of Justice has already assigned a technician who will accompany her during the process and the procedures have been initiated to provide her with what she needs.”

Prosecutors Daralis Alicea Cordero and Mariela Rullán Declet filed charges of attempted murder, violations of the Weapons Law for illegal possession of a firearm, shooting a firearm and aiming a firearm, and one count of ill treatment, under Article 59 of the Law for the Safety, Welfare and Protection of Minors.

Judge Welda Rivera Utuado Superior Court determined cause for arrest against Bermúdez López and imposed a bail of $4 million.

The events occurred this past Monday at the couple’s residence in Utuado. According to the investigation, after a disagreement between the two, Bermúdez López aimed at and shot the victim, who was in the bed with their daughter. The woman was shot on the left side of her face and was taken to the Río Piedras Medical Center in critical condition.

The preliminary hearing was scheduled for Jan. 4.

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