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Charges filed in fatal shooting of tourist, wounding of 2 others on Isla Verde beach

Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez

By The Star Staff

The island Department of Justice, through the Carolina Prosecutor’s Office, filed charges on Monday against Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez, who is suspected of shooting three Maryland tourists, causing the death of one and wounding the others in an incident that occurred on Saturday on a beach in Isla Verde.

Rosado Martínez is wanted for first degree murder, attempted murder and violations of the Weapons Law, prosecutor Carlos Peña Ramos announced, emphasizing that the defendant illegally fired a firearm for which he did not have a license.

It emerged from the investigation that there was a dispute between the defendant and the tourists, agent Edgar Ribot Ruiz of the Police Criminal Investigation Corps said. During the altercation, Rosado Martínez fired at the victims with a weapon he was carrying illegally, killing 17-year-old Tommy Grace, the officer added.

Marice Gaines, Grace’s stepfather, and his uncle, Aron Amani, were also injured in the incident and had to be taken to a hospital due to the severity of their injuries.

Judge Geisa Marrero Martínez of the Carolina Superior Court determined cause for arrest in absentia and set a bond of $1.4 million. The preliminary hearing will be scheduled once Rosado Martínez is arrested.

The Justice Department’s Office of Crime Victim and Witness Services and Compensation is providing support to surviving victims and their families.

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