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Childcare teacher salaries raised, along with service rates

Family Secretary Carmen Ana González Magaz

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia announced Tuesday an increase of up to $800 per month in the salaries of childcare center teachers.

The governor made the announcement along with Family Secretary Carmen Ana González Magaz and Roberto Carlos Pagán, who heads the Administration for the Care and Comprehensive Development of Children (ACUDEN by its Spanish acronym). Meanwhile, new payment rates for child care services were established, which will help parents and guardians of minors to pay for the services.

As of July 1, more than 3,500 care center employees will benefit from a salary increase through ACUDEN’s “Child Care” program. Teachers at the centers currently earn a salary of up to $1,900 per month.

“We are, once again, investing in those who accept this important responsibility of educating [children] at an early age,” the governor said. “For me it is key that those who daily have the future of the next generations in their hands are well paid and fully motivated so that our boys and girls receive the best from them. By making salary justice to these committed public servants, we recognize their work, their effort and their commitment to be a pillar in the education and well being of their students participating in the program.”

Gonzalez Magaz said “the salary increase for these employees helps improve productivity and recruitment, which has a positive effect on the well being of our young children.”

The ACUDEN administrator meanwhile reiterated the agency’s commitment to continue promoting actions and strategies to benefit children during their comprehensive development, as well as offering help for first responders, and parents and guardians who qualify for the “Child Care” program.

“The increase in salary and the adjustment of payment for childcare services leads us to continue creating spaces of protection and quality for our minors,” Pagán said. “We have a well committed staff and today justice is done to them.”

The administrator specified that after carrying out a cost study, in which operating expenses and inflation were measured, officials decided to raise the payment rate for services with consideration given to, among other factors, the increase in the costs of providing the services.

“These new rates are higher and respond to the level of available funds that the program has and that will help stabilize the care services market,” Pagán said. “We seek fair treatment and that our families are not harmed but benefited.”

The new service fees will also go into effect on July 1. The increases include a charge of up to $824 for full-time maternity/infant care; $565 for preschoolers and $838 for children with special needs. For infant/maternal part-time services, the cost will be $747, preschool $545, school children $422 and children with special needs $724.

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