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Ciales, Loíza and Vieques receive federal matching funds for security

By The Star Staff

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón said Monday that the municipalities of Ciales, Loíza and Vieques will receive allocations totaling $791,000 in federal funds to match funds for the municipal police allowing them to better respond to communities.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) told the resident commissioner’s office about the disbursement of the funds, which were included by González Colón in the budget bill, or omnibus bill, for fiscal year 2023, as part of the community projects for Puerto Rico.

DOJ will be disbursing $279,000 to the municipal police of Loíza for the acquisition of two boats that would reinforce maritime security, $92,000 to the municipal police of Ciales for the acquisition of equipment, technology and for the training of agents, and $420,000 to the municipality of Vieques for the purchase and installation of a security camera system.

González Colón highlighted the joining of efforts with each of the mayors to improve services to their communities, especially to address a primary issue as urgent as public safety.

Early last year, the resident commissioner called on communities, nonprofits and government agencies to submit proposals for local or community projects, also known as Community Project Funding, to be considered in the federal government’s budget for fiscal year 2023. Last December, González Colón achieved the approval of 10 projects totaling $19.4 million that she defended before the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, including the aforementioned disbursed security funds.

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