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Ciales mayor rejects redistricting of town

Ciales Mayor Alexander Burgos Otero

By John McPhaul

Ciales Mayor Alexander Burgos Otero on Monday rejected the inclusion of the town as part of the senatorial district of Ponce upon the completion of the electoral distribution process.

“The Cialeña population, which has historically belonged to the District of Arecibo, regardless of their political beliefs, opposes this movement,” said Burgos Otero, who is also chairman of the municipal committee in the northern-central mountain town, in a written statement. “Cialeños work, study, seek medical and government services, among others, in municipalities belonging to the District of Arecibo. We recognize that although the change is mostly focused on electoral aspects, there are side effects that affect representation.”

“The current District Senators, in combination, have only assigned $11,000 to the Municipality of Ciales. If that is being part [of the Ponce district], let’s imagine ourselves with the possibility of not being a part [of it],” he added. “If these rumors are true, recognizing that we live in a government system of checks and balances, we will make our efforts before the state Legislature trying to obtain three-quarters of support, to stop any movement that hinders the progress of our people.”

Burgos Otero noted that he introduced a resolution that reads: “All Legislators, regardless of party line, will be asked to support this initiative. Any member of the New Progressive Party (NPP) who aspires to an elective position who does not join this cause in a formal and written manner will not have the support of the Municipal Committee of Ciales. This Municipal Committee expresses itself strongly against any decision in this electoral redistribution that suggests the departure of the Town of Ciales from the District of Arecibo and authorizes the President of the NPP and Mayor Alexander Burgos Otero to create a committee to lobby against and denounce this possibility.”

“My fight will always be for what is best for my beloved people of Ciales and you can be sure that I will not rest until I achieve it,” the mayor said. “I appreciate the support of Senator Thomas Rivera Schatz, our president of the Mayors Federation, Gabriel “Gaby” Hernández, representative Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló and the entire leadership of our party in Ciales, who attended this important meeting.”

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