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CIJ director Minet named to board of national nonprofit news group

Carla Minet, executive director of the Center for Investigative Journalism

By The Star Staff

After the election process with the most candidates in its history, the members of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) selected the journalist and executive director of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) in Puerto Rico, Carla Minet, as one of the new members of its board of directors.

Based in Los Angeles, the INN offers educational tools and programs, while supporting the operations and growth of nonprofit news organizations and highlighting the value of investigative journalism.

Seventeen candidates vied for the two open positions on the INN board. Minet will hold the position for three years starting in January, and will share her new role with 14 other public service journalism professionals who make up the INN’s highest governing body. Also chosen in the election was John Adams, founder of Montana Free Press, a nonprofit news organization in that state focused on exposing bureaucratic institutions and processes that are not transparent.

For this year’s election, each candidate was required to have the endorsement of at least two INN members, and at the end of the process the organization pre-selected six, choosing the two who obtained the most votes.

Minet was endorsed by Mazin Sidahmed, co-executive director of Documented, who said that as a leader “she has developed the Center for Investigative Journalism into one of the most powerful and consequential media outlets in the hemisphere, while intentionally strengthening its operating model in a sustainable manner.” She was also endorsed by Paul Cheung, chief executive officer of the Center for Public Integrity.

After her election, the veteran journalist said she will promote “greater diversity in this governing body, as a Puerto Rican, Caribbean and Latin American woman, and as the leader of a media outlet in Spanish as a first language, and bilingual, focused on investigative journalism, to contribute to broadening the perspective and views of the INN.”

The CIJ executive director has 25 years of experience and has served as a reporter, editor and producer for radio, television, print and digital press. She is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism, as well as a member of the News Leaders Association board of directors.

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