Citizen Victory Movement denounces dismissals in San Juan

By John McPhaul

Spokespersons for the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials) delegation in the San Juan Municipal Assembly denounced on Wednesday a new round of dismissals in the island capital.

“While we are facing an unprecedented economic, social and health crisis, the Miguel Romero administration is dismissing essential personnel without just cause (as is the case of the Health Managers), putting the lives of workers and the continuity of municipal public management at risk in the midst of a pandemic,” said Michael Taulé Pulido, municipal spokesman for the MVC, in a written communication.

Taulé Pulido questioned the dismissal of personnel from the municipal Department of Health, including those in positions as important as the health managers, during the coronavirus pandemic. A little over two weeks ago, he said, the first dismissal letters were distributed in San Juan among the departments of Operations and Beautification, Community Social Development and Housing, and were roundly denounced by the former MVC candidate for mayor, ex-Rep. Manuel Natal Albelo.

“The legislative delegation of the MVC will be holding municipal directors to account,” Taulé Pulido said,

“We have asked the Director of Human Resources to certify all the dismissals that have occurred in the Municipality of San Juan under the leadership of Miguel Romero, including a breakdown of the departments to which they belonged and the compensation they received,” said Mari Laura Rohena Cruz, the MVC’s alternate municipal spokeswoman. “According to the preliminary information we have compiled, these are the people with the most precarious jobs and salaries in the Municipality.”

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