Citizen Victory Movement unveils its gov’t platform

By The Star Staff

The Citizen Victory Movement (CVM) unveiled its government platform Monday, focusing on the decolonization of Puerto Rico, greater use of technology and a sustainable economy.

The CVM proposes to decolonize Puerto Rico through a constituent assembly.

“We understand decolonization as the exercise of the inalienable right to self-determination to eliminate a country’s political dominance over another and reach the fullness of self-government,” the organization said.

The CVM said its proposal is different from those of other political parties because it is based on serious scientific data produced by various experts, presents an integrated strategy and is based on clear principles and strategic pillars of human development to generate a more fair and equitable society.

The movement said it will declare war on corruption, establish a merit system in government agencies, open up a dialogue with the federal government to obtain federal funds to fit the needs of citizens, seek salary justice for all workers, enhance labor protections and protect pensions.

The party proposes intensive use of technology for government transactions, relying on PREPANet, the fiber optic system of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, to also detect suspicious transactions.

The CVM said it also will follow up on the effectiveness of government programs, promote gender perspective in teaching and implement anti-racist policies.

In the area of business, the CVM will promote a policy of solidarity toward small businesses and enhance the island government’s regulatory powers in the area of foreign investments.

The party said it will focus on rebuilding collapsed infrastructure and boost the development and use of alternative energy sources; create a new productive ecosystem based on agroecology and with 1,000 new family farms; create a hub for cultural industries and development of permanent regional markets; boost the production of medicines, generic drugs and essential drugstore products; and push for a debt amnesty and training to formalize some 2,000 small businesses without permits.

In the area of health, the CVM said it will focus on establishing universal health insurance, legalizing the use of drugs, and integrating services and eliminating excess government bureaucracy.

In the area of education, the party proposes to increase the budget for schools, raise teachers’ salaries and give the University of Puerto Rico more autonomy.

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