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Citizens’ group demands fair wages in the pharmaceutical industry

By John McPhaul

Members of Build Another Agreement (COA by its Spanish initials) appeared Wednesday at the offices of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association in Guaynabo to denounce the pharmaceutical companies that benefit from tax exemptions in the midst of the crisis that Puerto Rico is going through.

“We are close to the closing of the filing of [tax] returns and our children and thousands of middle and lower class Puerto Ricans pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in taxes, putting the weight of the recovery on their shoulders,” COA spokeswoman Sonia Palacios said in a written statement. “Likewise, we pensioners see how life becomes more expensive. … It is an insult that while this is happening, the largest pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers in Puerto Rico have tax exemptions that benefit them from not having to contribute to the economy of Puerto Rico.”

Also, the group delivered a letter to the Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Industries Association requesting a meeting to discuss some proposals and to raise their points, among which they claim: “We need your companies to take a step forward and contribute fairly to communities that allow them to make huge profits. Specifically, we ask you to increase wages, provide comprehensive benefits, and improve working conditions for your employees and the employees of your subcontractors.”

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