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Clemente film nominated for Emmy

By The Star Staff

The executive director of the Convention District Authority, Mariela Vallines Fernández announced Monday that the documentary “3000 Reasons” about the life of baseball hero Roberto Cemente is among the nominations for the Emmy Award.

“I receive with joy and great pride the Emmy Award nomination for the documentary ‘3000 Reasons’ an initiative of the Convention and Entertainment District Authority produced by Play Media Group that will leave a permanent tribute dedicated to the legacy of our hero Roberto Clemente Walker,” said Vallines Fernández.

The executive director of the PRDCA stressed that “every time the Convention District Authority sponsors an effort like this, we seek to export the best of Puerto Rico to the world. The documentary “’3000 Razones’ proved to be an excellent investment to perpetuate the legacy of Roberto Clemente and at the same time, continue to solidify the positioning of the island among the first options for the production of multitudinous events, tourism and sports.

Nominated in the category of Historical Documentary, “3000 Razones” was recorded entirely in Puerto Rico with the special participation of Matino Clemente (brother of Roberto), Luis Rodríguez Mayoral (close friend of Roberto), licensed Osvaldo Gil Bosch who hired Roberto to direct the national team, Luis Ramos (Photographer of hit 3000) as well as the former baseball players, Peruchín Cepeda, Iván “Pudge” Rodríguez, Carlos Delgado and Edwin Rodríguez, among others. The production given to Ilia Arroyo, Tere Miranda and Griselia Cruz and in the direction Lorenzo Valdez Lamar managing to masterfully intertwine the stories told; some lived with Roberto and others with the admiration and learning that the Puerto Rican star left in greatest baseball players in the country.

“The opportunity has been a blessing to produce this special historical piece with a team of professional friends from the industry, it is gratifying to know that we have left this global legacy as a family educational tool,” said Ilia Arroyo, General and Executive Producer.

“Through his heart-driven performances, Roberto Clemente became a hero without a cape for his country and the world. The production of ‘3000 Reasons’ allowed us to discover corners never imagined of a humanist Clemente where unique facts are revealed that perpetuate his immortality,” said Tere Miranda, executive producer.

The documentary premiered on September 30, 2022, the same day that 50 years ago the legendary Puerto Rican baseball player, Roberto Clemente Walker, achieved the iconic feat of 3,000 “hits” in the big leagues.

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