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Coamo mayor requests emergency center activation to deal with power outage

Coamo Mayor Juan Carlos García Padilla

By The Star Staff

Coamo Mayor Juan Carlos García Padilla requested Sunday that the State Emergency Operations Center (COE by its Spanish initials) be activated for the purpose of coordinating the reconstruction of the electrical system amid a service outage impacting Aibonito, Coamo and Santa Isabel.

“If we activate the [COE], all the logistics will be easier,” the mayor said in a written statement. “Right now, the transfer of the huge transformers from the north to the Useras substation in Santa Isabel requires coordination with the Police and Metropistas due to the safe closure of roads and [rerouting] of traffic on PR-52. The Department of Economic Development has to activate aid to small and medium-sized merchants. Similarly, Agriculture has to evaluate the losses of farmers whose processing depends on electricity. Currently, [the Family Department] is working with food aid; all of this effort must be made in a coordinated way, not independently.”

The mayor said that to be effective and work quickly to address the emergency, the combined efforts of various government agencies such as the Police Bureau, the Family, Economic Development & Commerce and Agriculture departments, along with all the other agencies that may be related to this emergency, is required.

García Padilla insisted that there has to be an urgent damage assessment to process the aid to the affected sectors. Similarly, coordination must be centralized with all the necessary resources and personnel, the purpose being to enable a quick response.

“What we have seen is that the efforts need to be better organized so that the whole process works and we can restore service as soon as possible,” the Coamo mayor said.

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Beverly Powell
Beverly Powell

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