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Coast Guard searches for man pulled out to sea in Rincón

By The Star Staff

The Coast Guard reported Thursday that it was searching for a man from Texas who was dragged out to sea by marine currents off Steps Beach in Rincón.

The man, identified as Michael Walter, 24, was last seen at 4:13 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon when a call from the 9-1-1 Emergency System reported that two people were being swept away by ocean currents.

According to authorities, the two people were on vacation in Puerto Rico. One of them was able to return to shore with the help of a citizen, who reported the incident to 9-1-1.

Walter weighs approximately 170 pounds, has a dark complexion, and was wearing gray shorts.

Rescue teams from the Emergency Management Agency and maritime units from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau’s Joint Forces of Rapid Action were also cooperating in the search.

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