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Coffee harvest job fair slated for Thursday

By John McPhaul

Facing the high season for the coffee harvest, the island Department of Agriculture, along with the Department of Labor and Human Resources, on Thursday will recruit the labor force that the agricultural sector needs to pick coffee.

The job fair will be held at the Parador Villas Sotomayor in Adjuntas, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. In addition to coffee pickers, the necessary personnel will be recruited for other areas related to the industry such as roasting supervisors, among other available positions.

“We are focused on finding the resources to increase coffee production on the island. There is no doubt that there are people who can work and participate in the coffee industry, which is one of the most important pillars of the economy in the mountain area,” said Agriculture Secretary Ramón González Beiró. “Our call is for citizens with or without experience to attend the job fair this Thursday. This harvest will be the most abundant after the hurricane, where it is expected we will be able to harvest between 30,000 and 35,000 quintals.”

A quintal is a unit of weight equal to 112 pounds, or 100 kilograms.

Labor and Human Resources Secretary Carlos J. Rivera Santiago called on all unemployed people residing near or in the municipalities of Adjuntas, Jayuya, Las Marías, Maricao, Lares and Utuado to attend the job fair and give themselves the opportunity to work to increase coffee production in Puerto Rico. He pointed out that people who have social benefits from the government and seek additional income from agriculture do not lose aid.

“The aid for the pandemic ends on September 4; it is time to begin a return to work,” he said. “Our goal is that more people continue to be part of the workforce in Puerto Rico.”

The Agriculture chief noted that “it is important to recognize that in order to rebuild this industry as it was in the past, we need to increase the number of workers.”

“As this is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, we are going to continue producing to bring our high-quality Puerto Rican coffee to the world,” González Beiró said.

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