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Collaboration with stateside universities sought for WIPR

By The Star Staff

Seeking to support the development efforts of the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting, better known as WIPR, Rep. José Aponte Hernández announced Sunday that he has been in talks with WIPR President Jorge Pagán with the purpose of establishing a series of communications with directors of various universities on the East Coast of the United States aimed at developing collaborative agreements for the production of content to be broadcast on WIPR channels.

In addition, broadcast agreements may be provided to accredited universities for educational use.

“There is no doubt that WIPR is a unique platform that we must maintain and improve,” Aponte Hernández said. “We recognize that since 2021 our administration has made great efforts to keep this media conglomerate afloat that has so much potential. To support these efforts, as well as those of the current president, Jorge Pagán, we have suggested establishing [the aforementioned] collaborative agreements with the objective of producing, together, unique content of interest that is transmitted on the WIPR frequencies, which has been received with enthusiasm as a real alternative …”

“Entities such as the University of Miami, the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida, and Clemson University in South Carolina, as well as the universities of Duke and North Carolina, among others, have television programming and some even have agreements with the [respective] state stations of the Public Broadcasting System … to develop historical, science and technology, and/or educational content, which they broadcast on PBS,” the at-large representative added. “We can do that here, in Puerto Rico, using one of the most robust transmission networks on the island, WIPR.”

“We believe that WIPR has the necessary and quality infrastructure to achieve transmission agreements with universities in the mainland states,” the former speaker of the island House of Representatives added. “From the conversation it emerged that the [WIPR] president will be reaching out to several universities to examine the viability of supporting the WIPR project in the short and long term through these agreements.”

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