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College admissions test in braille is under development

As part of the development process for a college admissions exam in braille, College Board LATAM has a team of experts, including blind personnel.

By The Star Staff

College Board LATAM is in the process of developing the university admission test (PAA by its Spanish initials) in the braille reading and writing system, which will be ready for administration in October of this year, according to a recent announcement by the organization.

“We are currently in the development phase of the PAA test in braille,” College Board LATAM Vice President Pablo Martínez said in a written statement issued Friday. “It is a process that involves care when developing an educational tool like this, but a lot of work has already been done. If everything goes as we hope, the PAA in braille will be available for the 2024-2025 academic year.” he added.

As part of the test development process in the modality, which began in 2023, College Board LATAM has a team of experts, including blind personnel.

“Any initiative that results in ensuring the best performance of students will have our support,” Martínez said. “Your well-being is and will be our priority.”

College Board LATAM offers reasonable accommodation to any student with a documented condition and ensures that all test takers have the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a fair and equitable testing environment.  

Blind students have several alternatives when taking the PAA test. Some of the accommodations currently offered include individual or small group attention, extra time, extra breaks, an amanuensis, readers and enlarged type, among others.

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