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Comerío mayor asks police to alleviate congestion caused by bridge closure

Silver Bridge in Naranjito

By The Star Staff

Comerío Mayor José Antonio “Josian” Santiago Rivera on Thursday urged the commonwealth police to take control of the vehicular chaos that has been forming every morning on the Silver Bridge in Naranjito following the suspension bridge’s closure for repairs.

The mayor made the request, because, he said, members of the Municipal Police of Naranjito give priority to vehicles coming from PR-148 from Naranjito to Bayamón, literally leaving those who come from Comerío by PR-167 trapped. They also prohibit the passage of those drivers who travel from Bayamón to Comerío, he added, forcing them to take a detour of more than half an hour on PR-164 to cross the same bridge in the opposite direction.

“It is a barbarity what is happening,” Santiago Rivera said in a radio interview. “The intervention of the municipal police officers is what is causing the comerieños to be seriously inconvenienced. What I can say is that when the municipal police are not there, traffic flows better; there is no well-structured plan and they are discriminating against the people of my town and those who go to my town.”

The mayor confirmed that he contacted the police commissioner to order the Puerto Rico Police Bureau Traffic Division to assume control of the road.

The mayor also ruled out that a possible solution to the morning vehicular chaos is to send members of the Comerío municipal police to the vicinity of the bridge, as Naranjito does at their busy intersection.

The suspension bridge was closed two weeks ago after various structural flaws resulting from inadequate maintenance were detected.

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