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Committee in charge of amending PDP regulations delivers suggested changes

Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz, mayor of Villalba and president of the Association of Mayors.

By John McPhaul

The committee in charge of amending and tempering the regulations of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), led by Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz, mayor of Villalba and president of the Association of Mayors, delivered yesterday to the president of the PDP José Luis Dalmau Santiago the changes suggested by the committee appointed in February of this year.

Among the proposals for change are the change in the composition of the Governing Board to make it more inclusive by adding representation of the sectors of faith base, LGBTTQ + and people with disabilities. In addition, the preamble adds the creed and fundamental postulates among which are that the PDP firmly believes:

1. In the defense of Puerto Rican identity and supports, postulates and defends the political association of Puerto Rico with the United States based on common citizenship, currency and defense.

2. The protection of the environment and natural resources of Puerto Rico will be a fundamental piece in the decisions of the community and the governmental efforts of its elected officials.

3. The defense of human rights will be the unavoidable route in the decisions of this party and the governmental efforts of its elected officials.

4. In the right to university education accessible to all sectors of the population, the defense of public education (K-12), university autonomy and wage justice for workers and public servants.

5. In the non-privatization of the essential services of the country.

6. In promoting values and family unity from all perspectives as a creed.

7. In bringing resources closer to the people and for that purpose, municipal autonomy, decentralization of government, promotion of democratic governance and establishment of developed communities are promoted.

“Today we deliver to the president of the PDP some amendments to the regulations of the institution that come from listening to the feelings of our base, various sectors and the people in general. The new social and political reality requires the party to get closer to its people and to seek to defend the real causes that concern the country. I thank with all my heart the entrustment received and the hard work of a group of extraordinary popular leaders who together managed to make history,” said Hernández Ortiz.

The sectors or groups within the collectivity that influenced the suggestions presented were: Popular Lawyers, National Popular Youth, Mayors and Non-Mayors, Municipal Legislators, Public Servants Organizations, Local Electoral Commissioners, PPD Delegation in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Former PPD Presidents, Former Mayors, Former Legislators and the Popular Women’s Organization.

The committee, which held weekly meetings with different sectors, is composed of Senate Vice President Marially Gonzalez Huertas, Arecibo District Senator Rubén Soto Rivera, Representatives Lydia Méndez Silva and Debora Soto Arroyo, Carolina Mayor José Carlos Aponte Dalmau, PPD Electoral Commissioner Ramón A. Torres Cruz and attorney José Castro Acevedo.

The party seeks to include ideas in institutional decision-making, which would put the party at the height of the new times. It is expected that the amendments will be approved by a rule meeting which will be held shortly.

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