Complaints of non-compliance with Superior Court order surface as SEC begins general scrutiny

By The Star Staff

Citizens Victory Movement (CVM) Scrutiny Floor Manager Lillian Aponte called out the State Elections Commission (SEC) on Wednesday for not complying with San Juan Superior Court Judge Rebecca de León Ríos’ decision requiring that a list of voters who cast both early and absentee votes in the general elections be handed out before ballot containers are opened for the general scrutiny.

“The responsibility lies with the SEC chairman [Francisco Rosado Colomer], who was just there when the ballot containers were delivered and this servant [Aponte] went to him and told him: ‘Return the briefcases [ballot containers], let’s talk, let’s meet and let’s get in order because the process is going to get out of control again,’” Aponte said. “They ignored it. The responsibility for this lies with the New Progressive Party [NPP], with the SEC chairman and the scrutiny director [Ferdinand Ocasio].”

Aponte insisted that “there’s a court order and it must be followed.” She said that if there were any disagreements on the matter, they should have gone to court.

The situation was such that at 1 p.m. the CVM floor officials refused to approach the tables and allegedly were threatened with arrest for obstructing the process.

“We have not hindered anything,” Aponte said.

Ocasio said meanwhile that “our response to that request was that they provide us with a copy of the order.”

“At this time, we have not received an order to that effect,” Ocasio said. “Our approach has always been that, according to the Electoral Code, the scrutiny does not stop by any order other than [one from] the Supreme Court.”

At press time, press outlets were reporting that the CVM will issue another court motion against the SEC. CVM Electoral Commissioner Olvin Valentín said “both the NPP and the SEC are playing with words.”

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