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Comptroller calls out San Germán on fiscal operations

Comptroller of Puerto Rico Yesmín Valdivieso

By The Star Staff

Comptroller Yesmín Valdivieso said Tuesday that the municipality of San Germán was issued a qualified opinion on its fiscal operations.

A qualified opinion is issued when an individual or organization’s noncompliances are significant, but not pervasive.

The audit report indicates, among other findings, two unlawful agreements for the deployment of five municipal employees to the San Germán Surf & Fun Water Park.

Contrary to the law, in both agreements (one signed on May 1, 2017 and the other on July 2, 2018) it was established that the employees would continue as employees of the municipality with the same fringe benefits obtained by the other employees in the same status, or classification, and that they could be reinstated to their regular posts in the municipality.

The five employees were in charge of performing maintenance (three), accounting (one) and sales (one) tasks at the aquatic park for periods that fluctuated from 15 days to four years, without changing their status and condition to that of private employees.

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