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Comptroller confirms federal probe in Aguadilla

Commonwealth Comptroller Yesmín Valdivieso Galib

By The Star Staff

Commonwealth Comptroller Yesmín Valdivieso Galib confirmed Thursday that federal authorities are investigating the Municipality of Aguadilla and added that her office is actively collaborating in the process.

“The feds announced their investigation and we are providing support,” Valdivieso said in an interview with Radio Isla 1320.

“Remember that we have a task force created two years ago with Joseph González. Our support varies; in some cases we provide information and in others, we look for what they need. In this situation, we are working together. We will speak when the time is right.”

On the perception of mayors and public corruption, Valdivieso said: “Mayors must realize that they are an easy target and that there will always be someone watching over them. People have had enough of it and write to us about what they know. We cannot be indifferent to what is happening.”

However, federal authorities have yet to officially confirm the existence of such an investigation. TeleOnce reported recently on the alleged investigation in Aguadilla.

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