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Conservative activist Vargas to run for San Juan mayor under Dignity Project

By The Star Staff

Joe Vargas, an activist and defender of civil and parental rights, confirmed on Monday that he will run for mayor of San Juan under the Dignity Project (Proyecto Dignidad), citing his opposition to civil rights violations in the capital and promising a pro-life environment in the island capital.

Vargas promised to restore the sovereignty of families and the autonomy in decision-making in the face of government interference that, he said, will occur with the excesses of control coming from programs such as the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

A social activist since 2015 and defender of families in crisis, both in Puerto Rico and internationally, Vargas said he will challenge the status quo by promoting a program that would implement a series of public policies in San Juan that would promote a pro-life environment and family values through a transformative government plan called “The Dignified Capital City.” The program puts families at the heart of the island and at the forefront of community management, promising significant changes that will resonate in the homes of San Juan and serve as an example to other municipalities.

Vargas, who supports the candidacy of Javier Jiménez as the gubernatorial candidate for Proyecto Dignidad, describes himself as an enemy of the liberal public policies of the Citizen Victory Movement (Victoria Ciudadana), and pointed out that, as he sees it, the New Progressive Party has adopted liberal democratic socialist behavior and supports policies that are not in line with the values of the families of Puerto Rico.

Vargas also expressed the need to formally investigate rumors of corruption schemes.

With a critical look at the aforementioned 2030 Agenda, Vargas proposes an economic and social development model that defends conservative principles and encourages autonomy in municipal decision-making. His vision is to turn San Juan into a beacon of inspiration for the Caribbean, with initiatives that revitalize the local economy, and redefine Río Piedras as the commercial epicenter of the island. While he proposes implementing a plan to fight gentrification, he is betting that he can turn Río Piedras into a rival fit to compete against the commercial and entertainment giant Coca-Cola Music Hall.

In response to inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic, Vargas says he is committed to guaranteeing the freedom and human rights of the Individual and the family; creating a legal framework for the protection of the municipal administration operation; regulating to protect national identity and culture in opposition to the global identity proposed by the 2030 Agenda; and respecting the right of citizens to choose their diet, promote sources that produce food and safeguard the lifestyle without impositions of dietary customs.

For those who dream of a Puerto Rico that embraces the “ideals of conservative progress, that are pro-life and pro-family, and that seek well-being for all generations, this is the time to act,” Vargas said. “Together, we can safeguard the future of our land.”

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