Corozal mayor-elect begins transition

By John McPhaul

The newly elected mayor of Corozal, Luis “Luiggi” García, announced on Thursday the beginning of the government transition in that town and said he already has priorities in his work plan for the benefit of the municipality.

García, who prevailed over the Popular Democratic Party incumbent, Mayor Sergio Luis Torres, represents the first victory for a New Progressive Party candidate for mayor in Corozal since 2012.

“I accept with humility and full responsibility the favor of the Corozaleño people,” the pro-statehood leader said in a written statement. “I will work tirelessly for our people to progress and have a better quality of life for all. My nearly 17 years of experience as a businessman and the energy of my youth will be put at the service of our people.”

The mayor-elect said he has already designed what will be his work plan and is preparing for the transition process with the current mayor and municipal officials. He hopes it will be a transparent process and that the people have direct participation so that they know the details of the change of command. He asked the mayor not to grant contracts or obligations in the municipality’s accounts during the next two months of his administration that affect the budget for the rest of the fiscal year.

“We are already working on identifying our team that will lead the transition; we trust it will be a high-level process and that our fellow citizens know, firsthand, all the details of managing [the municipality’s] finances,” García said. “My work plan will also be disclosed so that there is real [care taken to promote] participation.”

Meanwhile, the mayor-elect stressed the urgency of the road work that needs to be done in Corozal as well as revitalizing the town center to promote the development of small and midsize businesses. Agriculture, sports and security will also be matters that he will handle once he takes charge as mayor in January, he said.