Correa Filomeno named interim NMEAD commissioner

By The Star Staff

Public Safety Secretary Pedro Janer announced on Thursday the appointment of Nino Correa Filomeno as interim commissioner of the island Emergency Management and Disaster Administration Bureau (NMEAD by its Spanish acronym).

“With no one in charge of the Bureau and as we approach the peak of the hurricane season, it is important that the work plans continue forward and that an efficient response is guaranteed for the benefit of the Puerto Rican people,” Janer said in a written statement. “We believe that Nino Correa has the necessary experience to assume the reins of NMEAD and lead the excellent team that makes it up.”

The designation will be in force until Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced determines who will take over the position permanently.

“I am grateful for this opportunity and I reiterate my commitment to ensure the safety of citizens at a time when we are handling several emergencies simultaneously,” Correa Filomeno said. “I am honored to once again make my experience available to the Puerto Rican people.”

Correa Filomeno has more than 30 years of experience in the field of emergency management. He has served as search and rescue coordinator for 18 years and since January has held the position of director of operations at NMEAD.

Janer noted that Deputy Commissioner Marcelo Rolón resigned from his post and Correa Filomeno will have the work team he needs to carry out his duties. He said the governor will soon make a statement on the appointment of a deputy commissioner.

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