Corrections Dept. resumes contact visits

By John McPhaul

The Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR) will resume contact visits on Aug. 2 for adult inmates as well as offenders in the social treatment centers.

DCR Secretary Ana I. Escobar Pabón announced in a press release that adult inmates will have a weekly visit from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in all correctional institutions. Six family members will be allowed per inmate and minors under 18 years of age will not be allowed without adult supervision. The visits will last 30 minutes in the case of adults.

“In accordance with the executive order and the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and after having [achieved] a herd immunity with 95% of employees and inmates vaccinated, we open contact visits with the due precautions,” Escobar Pabón said.

As part of the established rules, visitors must present their vaccination card showing they have received the required doses, and must pass through the process of hand sanitization and temperature taking. During the visit they will be required to maintain a six-foot distance.

Escobar Pabón emphasized that visitors will be required to use surgical or KN-95 masks at all times. The use of fabric masks will not be allowed. Also, packages will not be accepted. However, visitors will be allowed to purchase groceries in the vending machines located in the classrooms and to consume food during the visit when they are in contact.

Visitors must also have their identification card and authorization slip to enter the correctional institution or social treatment center. Additionally, DCR staff will clean and disinfect the visiting cubicle before and after each visit.

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