Court grants House additional time to supply info on Capitol salaries

By John McPhaul

Eva Prados Rodríguez, the Citizens Victory Movement candidate for the San Juan District 3 seat in the island House of Representatives, said Thursday that she will wait for the term granted by the Superior Court of Puerto Rico for the House to deliver the names, salaries and positions of all its employees, and did not rule out returning to court if necessary.

In response to a mandamus request filed by Prados Rodríguez, the court gave the House and its speaker, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Nuñez, 10 days to make the requested information public.

“The Court’s decision has the effect of giving the Chamber more time to provide the information, even though that legislative body had already stated that the request was onerous,” Prados Rodríguez said in a written statement. “We will continue the process to achieve the delivery and disclosure of this information that should be public knowledge.”

Last week she asked Méndez for the list of employees hired from 2013 to the present, along with their respective positions and wages.

“These are not times to ignore citizen demands for transparency and access to information, much less in a legislative body in which two elected officials and several employees have recently been arrested on corruption charges,” added Prados Rodríguez, an attorney. “Our request for information is still valid. In compliance with the provisions of the Court, we will immediately resume the process before the House. If the information is not made public, we will return to Court, where I am confident that we will prevail. We will not rest until the country has access to this information.”

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