• The Star Staff

Court orders Aguadilla mayor to start transition process

By John McPhaul


Aguadilla Superior Court Judge Miguel Trabal Cuevas on Monday accepted a mandamus filed by Aguadilla mayor-elect Julio Roldán and ordered outgoing Mayor Yanitsia Irizarry Méndez to immediately name her outgoing transition committee and for transition meetings to begin this week.

In the written judgment, Judge Trabal Cuevas establishes that “both transition committees will begin their meetings on December 4 at 1 p.m.” He added that “regardless of the recount, the Transition Committee has to be activated, constituted, and the [meetings] begun on both sides.”

“We are satisfied with the determination of the honorable court,” said Roldán, the Popular Democratic Party candidate who on Nov. 3 obtained 8,760 votes to Irizarry’s 8,685 votes (the difference of just 75 votes required a recount). “It is a shame for the people of Aguadilla that the outgoing mayor is tied to her chair and to power and that she has to wait for a judge to order her to begin the work so that she complies with the law. I also urge the attorney Irizarry that we begin an orderly and complete transition process so that we, as the incoming administration, can know all the details of the municipal government.”

“As of November 18, we are ready to begin the transition process with our duly constituted committee,” Roldán added. “As an incoming administration and complying with the Municipal Code of Puerto Rico, we have followed the steps so that the transition process of the municipalities will begin 15 days after the general elections are held, as established by law. So we will be there on December 4 in the mayor’s office to comply with the law and the order of the Superior Court.”