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Couture looks for men

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

One of the biggest surprises of Paris Fashion Week was the haute couture options presented for men, especially those by Elie Saab and Georges Hobeika. Ah! Leave it to the Lebanese to break ice in style when it comes to designing show-stopping stunning looks for the rich and famous.

The elegant and glamorous garments seen earlier this month confirm that men can steal the Red Carpet away from the ladies any time this upcoming awards season. Men confident in their own skin can replace the boring black tux or even the newly popular pink tux with some glitter, brocade, crystals, feathers and metallic accents.

For Elie Saab, who launched his Couture line for men this month, the embellished looks for men are nothing new.

“People come to us for this type of style; they want to be spectacular -- it’s the same for men and women,” he said. “We have a lot of demand from clients, but this is the first time we’ve shown it on the runway.”

Among Saab’s best attires is his suit in rose gold over a sequined mesh shirt worn with lace trimmed floor-length stole. His embroidered long coats and luxurious kaftans over black suits in velvet worn with tops in sheer tulle are fabulous. So very masculine, for the sharp dresser.

We also saw some impeccable looks for avant garde men in Georges Hobeika’s show “Eternal Gifts.” Hobeika, who has officially appointed his son Jad as joint creative director, included elaborate designs for men like ornamented blazers and modern suits in earthy and pastel tones very much in tune with his signature romantic style.

We are loving Hobeika’s inventive take on the traditional masculine suit. His embroidered sash tie blazer in soft caramel with contrasting lapels is simply spectacular. As is his sexy look of waist tie, high-waisted trousers worn with a matching blazer in metallic bronze, silver, pink and burgundy. Another winner: trousers in seafoam green over a gray button-down shirt worn with a baby blue coat. Other looks included cloaks and matching capes.

For their Alta Moda 2022 in Sicily, Dolce & Gabbana presented pleated palazzo pants, sheer fabrics, corsets and glittering embroideries. Men also paraded wearing opulent capes with golden and beaded hems.

“Our collection is extreme, extravagant and elegant,” the designers said.

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