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CROEM ALUMNI back bill to mandate green energy for public schools

By The Star Staff

The Executive Committee of the Graduate Students Association of the Mayagüez Residential Center for Educational Opportunities, known as CROEM ALUMNI, unreservedly supported on Monday a proposal by Senate President José Luis Dalmau Santiago to convert into law an initiative to create public schools that use renewable energy in order to economize on the costs of supplying them with electricity, and thus integrate island schools into a comprehensive environmental conservation plan by not encouraging the use of fossil fuels.

“We want to be part of the groups that support the initiative of the Senate president, creating the ‘Renewable Energy Act in Puerto Rico’s Public Schools,’ which seeks to declare as a public policy of the Government the use of renewable energy sources as the first alternative for providing electricity to public schools. Multiple alternatives have been developed on the planet to face the problem of climate change, environmental protection and of course substantial savings in the payment for electricity service,” said Wilson Nazario, executive director of CROEM ALUMNI. Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau Santiago on Monday introduced the bill seeking to establish the “Renewable Energy Act in Puerto Rico’s Public Schools.” The proposal would declare the use of renewable energy as the first option to provide electricity to public schools.

“It is possible to offer quality services and help the planet simultaneously,” states the preamble of Senate Bill 1256. “Renewable energy is cheaper than that produced by fossil fuels.”

Dalmau Santiago stressed the importance of taking action in the face of the climate crisis.

“Climate change is an urgent issue to address, the survival of Planet Earth depends on the actions that governments take to avoid the negative impact of global warming,” he said.

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