CROEM alumni nominate high-profile high school’s director for Education secretary

By John McPhaul

The executive committee of the Graduate Students Association of the Residential Center of Educational Opportunities Mayagüez, better known as CROEM ALUMNI, have nominated the organization’s president, Milton Tomassini del Toro, to be Puerto Rico’s next secretary of Education.

The school expressed its concern on Sunday about the turn of events that has seen a lack of leadership in the Department of Education as a result of the rejection of the two candidates nominated by Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia for the position of secretary of Education. CROEM ALUMNI recognized the right of the governor to nominate a candidate and the power of the island Senate to reject or accept a nominee.

“We are requesting that the Governor of Puerto Rico, Lcdo. Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia and the President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, Lcdo. José Luis Dalmau, accept the nomination of Professor Milton Tomassini del Toro to occupy the position of Secretary of Education of the country,” said William Nazario, executive director of the magnet high school. “At this time, there is no better candidate than Professor Tomassini del Toro to take charge of the direction of public education in Puerto Rico.”

Nazario said that if the governor is looking for a consensus to appoint a person with the capacity and understanding of the island’s educational system, he will hardly find someone better than Tomassini del Toro, who has been working in the public system for more than 40 years, occupying positions from classroom teacher to director of the most important school on the island.

With the public nomination, CROEM ALUMNI wants to show that there are good candidates for the leadership of the Department of Education, Nazario said.

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