Cruz Soto does not close the door on a 2024 candidacy

By The Star Staff

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto said Tuesday that she does not rule out returning to the political arena in Puerto Rico by 2024.

“I do not rule out returning to elective politics in 2024 in Puerto Rico, but I can say now that if I do so, it would be for one of two, for representative at-large or for resident commissioner, seeking alliances from the Popular Democratic Party with the Citizen Victory Movement party and the Puerto Rican Independence Party, and I say it without fear,” Cruz Soto said at a press conference.

For now, the mayor only mentioned that she accepted a job offer at a university in Massachusetts, without revealing which one.

“I already accepted an offer at a prestigious university in the United States,” she said. “I can not say the name yet. It is in Massachusetts. They are going to make, when they determine, the announcement. That offer is for two main things. One is to write a book.”

She noted that the book, while including an account of her two terms as mayor, will also have the theme of crisis management.

“Crisis management is maintaining a system so aligned in terms of logistics that a United States Army general has asked me to be … one of the people he is going to interview about how a civilian does logistics processes in times of extreme crisis,” she said.

Cruz Soto said she also will hold seminars to attract renowned politicians on issues of social change. She also said she has received outreach from non-profit entities, some offering compensation and some not.

The outgoing mayor added that she also has offers to later return to Puerto Rico. One of them is to serve as a liaison of sorts between the U.S. Congress and the commonwealth.