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Culebra kids enjoy a trip to the museum

Students from Culebra traveled to Carolina, where they enjoyed a guided tour of the Children’s Museum offered by an advertising and public relations class at Polytechnic University.

By The Star Staff

Going to a museum may be an accessible activity for many, but when you live on one of Puerto Rico’s offshore island municipalities, the challenges of transportation can make socializing a challenge.

With this in mind, a Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico project, “La Mano Amiga,” organized a day of activities with students from Culebra on Sunday.

“It is very important that they can expand their social vision and share and integrate, especially with other young Puerto Ricans, where they can see themselves developing with all the rights, experiences and opportunities that all Puerto Rican youth, children and students enjoy,” said Mitzy Pérez Morales, founder and executive director of Kids4GreenCulebra, in a written statement.

Children participating in the trip organized by the nonprofit were transported to Carolina, where they enjoyed a guided tour of the Children’s Museum thanks to an advertising and public relations class project at Polytechnic University.

Under the leadership of Prof. Luis H. Rodríguez, the university students developed the initiative “La Mano Amiga” (The Helping Hand) to raise funds for travel and social activities for the students from Culebra.

Pérez Morales noted that Kids4GreenCulebra is interested in obtaining five acres of land to build a multidisciplinary educational center for the children of Culebra.

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