Culebra residents to sue SEC over disappearance of early ballots

By John McPhaul

Attorney Frank Torres Viada announced Wednesday that Culebra residents are going to sue the State Elections Commission related to the disappearance of a ballot container, or briefcase, with 20 early voting ballots.

“This is a group of plaintiffs who exercised their right to vote through the mechanism of early voting at home and those votes were deposited in a briefcase in Culebra, sealed and sent to the State Elections Commission, as has been publicly disclosed,” Torres Viada said in a radio interview.

“Given the disorganization of the vote count, as admitted by the chairman of the State Elections Commission, since this briefcase appears to be lost, the votes of those voters have not been able to be counted,” the attorney said.

“What this group of voters is requesting is that the Puerto Rico [Superior] court order the Commission, in protection of their fundamental constitutional right to vote, to take all the necessary steps to guarantee that this briefcase appears, that those votes can be counted, awarded and that they may be part of the general scrutiny and the count that is scheduled for the Municipality of Culebra as well as for other municipalities in Puerto Rico,” Torres Viada added. “And in the alternative that the briefcase does not appear and remains lost, then that an adequate mechanism is provided so that these voters can vote again.”

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