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Cultural heritage, ‘bomba’ are focus of Saturday event in Loíza

The educational and cultural event will take place Saturday starting at noon at Cueva María de la Cruz Historical Park in Loíza. Proceeds from a $10-per-person admission charge will be used for park maintenance.

By The Star Staff

Loíza Mayor Julia Nazario Fuentes invites the public to the celebration of “Algo más que Escritoras y Bailaoras de Bomba,” an educational and cultural event where outstanding women who do Puerto Rican cultural work meet to share with the public their experience as cultural curators.

The event will take place Saturday starting at noon at Cueva María de la Cruz Historical Park, which is adjacent to the Tau Center on highway PR-188 in Loíza, near the urban center. Admission is $10 per person, with proceeds going toward the maintenance of the park, which is a municipal corporation.

Renowned Puerto Rican writer Dr. Mayra Santos Febres has confirmed her participation, as well as Prof. Marie Ramos Rosado and cultural proponents Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro, Jeanitza Avilés and Jamie Pérez. Prof. Maribella Burgos Junte, a Loiceño and coordinator of the event, added that the celebration will culminate with a “bomba” in which all those interested in enjoying this magnificent form of Afro-Antillean musical expression can participate.

“Narrating my life is not what motivates me to write, but telling the story of my ancestors is,” Santos Febres said in relation to the event. “In their lives there is courage, a commitment to the future and wisdom so powerful that it overwhelms me.”

The mayor added that the event, with its eminently educational vision, is a suitable closing to International Women’s Week.

“It is a great opportunity for schools to promote attending this event,” Nazario Fuentes said. “As an educator, I consider it vital that the new generations welcome with pride and affection the cultural gift we have received from our previous generations. Without a doubt, this coming Saturday will be a great day for our cultural reaffirmation.”

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