Culture institute rejects demolition of Hotel Normandie

By John McPhaul

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP by its Spanish initials) rejected on Thursday the proposal to demolish the historic Hotel Normandie, which is located at the entrance of Puerta de Tierra on the way to Old San Juan.

“The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture opposes the legislative proposal [for] the expropriation and eventual demolition of the important heritage known as the Hotel Normandie and does not support the demolition of any other historical heritage building without exhausting all legal resources and alternatives for rehabilitation,” the ICP said in a written statement.

“For this privately owned building, which is included in the National Register of Historic Places, a preliminary proposal for its rehabilitation has been developed for more than a year,” the ICP added. “This initiative received the conceptual endorsement of the ICP and the approval of the State Historic Conservation Office, which has already referred it to the corresponding federal authorities in Washington.”

“In a joint effort and given the seriousness of the investors to carry out the work and the project, the ICP has been advising them so that the rescue of this important architectural jewel is carried out under the strictest and most accepted standards of conservation,” the ICP press release said. “We are at the best disposal to talk with those interested in the patrimonial value of this property and so that they know first-hand the initiatives in favor of our Historical Built Heritage.”

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