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Cyber platform to evaluate legislators’ work launches

By The Star Staff

The non-governmental watchdog group Open Spaces has created a valuable citizen empowerment tool that allows anyone to evaluate the performance of their district legislators and other members of the island Legislature, through the virtual platform, Open Spaces Executive Director Cecille Blondet announced earlier this week.

The portal, which makes it easier for citizens to identify elected representatives according to their place of residence, includes updated information on the votes and measures established in the current four-year term for the members of the Legislative Assembly with respect to health, education, the environment, security and economic development, all central issues in the daily lives of Puerto Rico residents.

Blondet said the platform is the first civic effort in Puerto Rico that organizes information on legislative activity in an open, simple and personalized way for each citizen.

“The portal allows people to access more and more information to have active civic participation,” she said. “Through, they have the opportunity not only to meet their legislators and contact them directly, but now they can also know what their position is regarding education, health, environment, security and economic development by knowing how they vote and what bills and resolutions are based on these issues.”

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