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DACO issues fines for violations of price freeze orders

By The Star Staff

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO by its Spanish acronym) has fined 26 establishments for violations of current orders that freeze prices in some cases and profit margins in others, as well as for other infractions.

The sanctions announced Thursday are the result of nearly 2,000 visits made by agency inspectors throughout the island, according to a statement.

DACO Secretary Edan Rivera Rodríguez said the Order to Freeze the Prices of Basic Necessities, issued before Hurricane Fiona passed through Puerto Rico, is still in force and will remain so until next Wednesday.

Of the total fines, it was specified that 15 went to gas stations fined for non-compliance with frozen profit margins; for displaying one price on the labels and shipping at a different price; and for not giving purchase receipts or not disclosing labels required by law.

The sanctioned stations were Shell el Caimital in Guayama; Ultra Top Fuel Gold Point; Total Nany, in Aguas Buenas; Total Río Cañas in Caguas; Gulf Naguabo (Hucares Beach); American in Toa Baja; Texaco in Hato Tejas; Total in Guajataca, Isabela; Shell in Barrio San Antonio, Quebradillas; Omar Service Station in Lajas; and Gulf in Anasco.

The others fined were supermarkets and pharmacies.

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