Dalmau: NPP status bills are ‘political roguery and a betrayal of the people of Puerto Rico’

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) candidate for governor Juan Dalmau Ramírez on Tuesday described as “scandal and treason” the announcement by the leadership of the New Progressive Party (NPP) regarding the filing of several measures related to the island’s political status that will be considered in an extraordinary session to be convened by the NPP legislative majority.

“The legislative initiatives, presented by the NPP, constitute political roguery and a betrayal of the people of Puerto Rico,” Dalmau said in a written communication.

“Senate Bill 1674 would make the Governor a colonial dictator,” he added. “Its purpose is to revoke and trample on the will of the people expressed in the general elections, since it proposes to eliminate the already limited powers of the Legislative Assembly and all this against the will of two-thirds of the Puerto Rican electorate.”

“If the NPP wants to defend its statehood proposal in the United States, it should do so, but for what it does not have electoral or political legitimacy is to use cheating and trickery to unconstitutionally hogtie the next Legislative Assembly by delegating plenipotentiary powers to the Governor-elect,” Dalmau said.

Dalmau stressed that the bill gives the governor the power to call votes regarding the status of Puerto Rico, without the input of the Legislature, and establish the form and proposals of those votes with the criteria that he/she wishes.

“To top it all off, the bill adds insult to injury by assigning $1.25 million to a failed Equality Commission, to which originally the NPP did not allocate public funds because, with the country bankrupt, they knew that this would be electoral dynamite,” Dalmau said. “Now, after the electoral event and as they will be in the minority in the Legislative Assembly, they make a multimillion-dollar allocation of public funds.”

For his part, PIP Rep. Denis Márquez Lebrón said House Bill 2605, announced Monday, would force an election to be held in the first six months of 2021, putting the people of Puerto Rico on the hook for a multimillion-dollar expenditure for the election of congressional false congressional delegates.

“The leadership of the NPP acts without scruples. That is why they have lost the vote even of serious statehood supporters, who reject the trick and the trap,” Márquez said. “For things like this it is that obtaining statehood received 622,000 votes, the [NPP] candidate for governor got 406,000 votes; that is, 35 percent of statehooders did not vote for the NPP candidate. It is because of actions like these that this NPP leadership has been discredited to such an extent that not even the statehooders support it.”

Dalmau, meanwhile, announced an action plan to deal with the NPP initiative.

“This outrage and abuse of rights is unprecedented. That is why today I announce specific actions that the Puerto Rican Independence Party will take:

“I will be sending a communication to meet, individually, with the candidates for the Interior or the presidents of parties, to establish channels of dialogue on various issues. These topics include discussing actions in concert to address the status of Puerto Rico in an inclusive manner.

“Senator María de Lourdes Santiago and Representative Márquez will present in January a Resolution for the creation of a Special Committee to address the decolonization of Puerto Rico,” Dalmau said.

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