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Dalmau Ramírez, Natal vow to fight proposed changes to Electoral Code that would bar party alliances

Manuel Natal Albelo and Juan Dalmau Ramírez

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) President Juan Dalmau Ramírez and the former Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials) candidate for mayor of San Juan, Manuel Natal Albelo, chided the Legislature on Tuesday over its proposed amendments to the Electoral Code that will hinder minority parties by preventing them from forming coalitions.

At press time, the House of Representatives had included the amendments to the Electoral Code for a vote, which was expected late Tuesday.

“The House is slated to pass amendments to the Electoral Code that are anti-democratic, abusive and which exclude the recognition of electoral rights,” Dalmau said.

He said the Popular Democratic Party has reneged its electoral promise to repeal the Electoral Code and instead joined the New Progressive Party in a marriage to exclude other parties from forming coalitions to defeat the current two-party culture prevalent in all elections.

Natal said the PIP and the MVC will seek all available remedies, including going to court to stop the Electoral Code and all of its detrimental consequences. The former MVC legislator reminded the public about the importance of having minority parties join forces to defeat the majority to protect coastal zones and abortion rights.

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