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DE announces winning innovative curriculum proposals

By John McPhaul

Acting Education (DE) Secretary Eliezer Ramos Parés announced on Thursday that 70 schools with winning proposals in the Innovative Curriculum Project were selected and will receive $100,000 for their implementation.

“This competition is part of the Plan for Academic Recovery. The project seeks that the schools can work on a strategic plan that encourages the inclusion of the school community to implement strategies that manage to address the lags in the total enrollment of students,” Ramos Parés said in a written statement. “A group made up of academic experts from the office of the Deputy Secretary of Academic Affairs selected the winning schools. Ten schools were chosen by educational region (ORE by its Spanish initials).”

“We are very happy to announce the winning schools and very proud of the work submitted. Our school communities know first-hand the needs of their components; that is why, at the Educational Leaders Summit held last August, we announced this project so that they could submit their proposals and so that they could obtain $100,000 to be able to work on their needs,”Ramos Parés added. “These projects achieved the involvement of the entire school community in the preparation of their work.”

DE Deputy Secretary of Academic Affairs Guillermo López noted that many innovative, creative and high-profile projects were presented in each proposal; however, only the 10 schools with the highest scores in each ORE could be selected.

“We extend our congratulations to all who participated. It was hard work because the proposals were works of excellence aimed at continuing to empower our students,” he said.

Those selected can contact Tania Morales Morales, operations manager of the Business Administration Program, at the email

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